Hello CSA Family and Friends!

Welcome to our website. We hope to update this space with information about the contents of your weekly box and other pertinent information.  We’d like to encourage you to use this as a forum as well, whether it’s posting recipes, asking questions, giving us feedback on our food, or sharing pictures of you and your loved ones enjoying the food together! The Groces love the process of the meal and would really enjoy seeing how each household celebrates that tradition.

A few key updates:

We will be selling at the Phoenix Hill Farmers Market on Tuesdays 3pm to 6:30pm starting 5/4 and at the Smoketown/Shelby Park Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9a-Noon starting in late May/early June.

Deliveries will begin no later than May 12th! We’ll keep you updated as we assess the damage after that wild and crazy derby deluge (no, our fields didn’t get trampled by seersucker-suited men and florescent umbrella-hatted women, we’re talking about the rain).  Until then, peruse the site and whet your appetite!


Katherine and Luke


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