The grass IS greener

If you haven’t been out to our farm before, we’ve got a creek that splits it in half. the back half is now almost entirely filled with crops. Our front half contains more trees -many of them fruit trees. And that means more shade. So we don’t have a lot of veggies growing up there. But we do have lots of lush grass. So recently we decided to move the half of our flock out of the back and into the front because they were literally running out of room to roam as we tilled up their entire pasture.

-Enter our friend Corey from community group. He helps us on our farm from time to time on his days off. And on this day when we had to catch 35 chickens, as always, he was a good sport. Cage match.

All that to say, we caught them all. It was fun. And hopefully they will lay better on their greener pastures.

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