That’s been the word around our house this past week. Why? Well, partly because my husband is cute. And partly because we went to Bryant’s Blueberries in Indiana to pick over a hundered quarts of blueberries for CSA’s and the markets.  We really hope you enjoy this special summer treat!

This week’s boxes

salad mix – a little bit of sorrel (small, citrusy-tart, bright green leaves), motistone summer crisp lettuce (the speckled one) and other summer crisp lettuces.

radishes – french breakfast.

blueberries – variety: Duke. A full-flavored, sweet variety without a tangy finish. Great for desserts when you don’t want to use a lot of sugar.

Kale – Red Russian

Pac Choi – variety: joi choi. which is so fun to say.

This is the end of the radishes for now, so make your best recipes this week! The pac choi is also nearing it’s end.  Get ready for some change-up in your boxes coming in the next few weeks…including….

Red Cabbage growing up!


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