Summer has arrived!

All around the garden signs of summer are present!
We’ve got squash peeking out from behind every leaf. The tomato plants grow almost daily. And it seems that there are new things to behold in every section of the garden! Today we harvested our first cherry tomatoes, our first eggplant and our first beans. we’ve got enough of the former to share almost a pint with everyone, and expect that we’ll be sharing the aubergines and harricot verts with everyone next week. Soon to come after that (likely within 2 weeks) are cucumbers and okra and big tomatoes. Summer certainly is a bountiful time, and we look forward to these particular veggies with great anticipation all year!

Here’s what we have this week:

Summer Squash: A mixture of our Magda, Zephyr, yellow and green zuchinnis, and pattypan varieties. We’ve got a wide range of sizes and a good heavy number of pounds, as the sqash vines are in peak production right now. They are all unique in their flavor profiles, though they can virtually be used interchangably. If anyone wants to add more great squash recipes, its something that anyone could use this time of year! We’ve included a picture below so you can tell the difference between these guys.

Types of squash, from left to right -variety names in parenthesis: Pattypan Squash (Starship -green, and Sunburst -yellow), Green Zuchinni (Anton), Yellow Zuchinni (Sebring), Cousa -(Magda -middle eastern type), Zephyr -our favorite! one of a kind nutty flavor.

Basils: We’ve finally decided to give you some traditional basil this week. We’ve got italian large leaf basil.  A great italian variety that has a lot less of that licorice type flavvor than many other italian varieties. If you’re jonesing for something licoricey/annisey, then don’t worry. we’ve also got some cinnamon basil in there too. Its the one with the purple flowers and the cinnamon/annise scent. It goes great in tea, but also in many other applications, such as Asian food.

Baby Carrots: This is the last of our carrot thinning efforts. we expect to be able to let the rest of them grow to be full grown happy adult carrots. We hope you’ve enjoyed the little ones though. These are a sweet variety called Nelson.

Cherry Tomatoes: We only grow a couple of varieties of cherry tomatoes, because well, we only think a couple taste really really really good. These are our personal favorite -Sun Golds. they are a gorgeous orange, and they are full of tomatoey flavor with the right ammount of acidity. We plan to provide you with more of these next week, as they are just beginning to come on.

Sun Golds. The most tasty cherry tomato around!

Kale: This will likely be our last week of kale for a couple months. If you’re like us, you’re sad/relieved. We’ve got a mixed bag of all three kinds for this farewell tour -Dinosuar/Lacinato, Winterbor, and Red Russian.

We hope you are continuing to enjoy! And we hope you’re as excited as we are about the beginning of the summer bounty! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the CSA and let us know if you’ve got anymore great recipes.


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