Summer Sampler



Squash – This week we have all of the same varieties as last week. Sizes from baby to large. Nothing enormous -everything should be of a good quality for all sorts of dishes. There may be a lul in our summer squash production as the first patch dwindles and the second one starts to blossom, but I doubt anyone will mind as all of the rest of the summer veggies are about to come into full production.

Okra -Cajun Delight. A great variety that can be eaten small or large. This is the beginning of the crop, so you should have either gotten a handful of these…


Cucumbers -General Lee or Diva -a slicing variety and a seedless/baby cuke. We’re also just starting to get this crop in, so expect more cukes and more varieties to come!

Basil -We included Amethyst and Lime basil this week. Amethyst is a purple Italian variety -used the same way as any other Italian basil. And The lime basil is great anywhwere you want a splash of citrus flavor -try it in latin food!

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes -We included a full pint this week, as they are really starting to take off in production. You probably noticed last week that these are some of the tastiest cherry tomatoes ever. Thats why we grow so much of them!

Beans – About 1/2 pound of Roma Bush beans. A great beany variety that grows delicious large juicy pods. These, just like much of the contents of this week’s box are also just beginning to come on, so we expect to be able to offer more as the season progresses.

Green tomatoes -About 1 pound of small to medium green heirloom tomatoes. We couldn’t bear to pick more than this much, because we have dreams of delicious ripe summer tomatoes -dreams we expect will come true very very soon!

Fennel -Orion. Unfortunately this is a crop that didn’t do so awesome. We may have another crop this fall, but this is the one thing in this box that you may not see a lot more of. Use this delicious licoricey vegetable to add a wonderful unique flavor to all sorts of dishes. The leaves and the bulbs are great for many applications, so get creative!


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