Sizzlin’ Summer Spoils

What an insanely hot day.  ‘Nuff said.

REMINDER! THIS SATURDAY IS VOLUNTEER DAY – and we need your help! From 1p-6p we’ll be hosting visitors and volunteers. Bring the kids, the dogs, and plenty of water! Please see the post below for more details, and be sure to RSVP via email or on the blog. Thanks!

In your boxes this week:

4 Cucumbers – Diva (skinnier) or General Lee  variety


1 Cucumber + 1 pint Okra (depending on whether you got Okra last week)

Blue Spice and Italian Large Leaf Basil

5-6 Summer Squash – 1 extra large baking squash (anyone already made zucchini bread?!) and a handful of small to medium of the same varieties as before (for those of you “guest CSA families” this week, just scroll down to older posts to find descriptions)

2+ heirloom tomatoes – IMPORTANT!!! There should be at least one that is ripe today, the others should ripen within 2 days. Be sure to use that “first ripe, first eaten” rule, otherwise, you’ll be sorry.  We wanted to make sure y’all got some tomatoes soon – and we’re on a tomato worm rampage right now. Our method? Picking the toms just before they fully ripen so they can finish ripening in a worm-free zone. Varieties include: Striped German, Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Jeune Flame, and Great White

1.5 pints Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – I posted a recipe for an incredible pasta sauce that I’ve used sungolds and many other kinds of tomatoes for the base. It also incorporates a lot of other ingredients you have in this box – check it out on the “recipes” page.

3-4 small-medium cabbages – 2-3 Samantha Savoy (savoy indicates that it’s a dimpled or bumpy leaf)  and 1 Tendersweet or Arrowhead (green cabbage varieties; sweeter and tender).

3 green peppers – mixed varieties

Zinnias – a couple of bouquets; the smaller bouquet is full of Persian Carpet Zinnias – and they are just so delightful.

Enjoy! We’re pretty happy about this week’s box – we hope you are too! This is the beginning of a lot of great summer food.  Carrots, cilantro, more baby squash, and other new things will be making their appearance again soon.  Be sure to check out the “photos” page soon, as we added some new images of the farm.

Good eating to you all!



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