Salsa in a Box

Tuesday, the cat, napping with the carrots that didn't make it.

This week’s box contains evidence of the beginning of a bountiful tomato harvest. We are pulling gorgeous heirlooms out of the field every day and, weather permitting, we hope to continue doing so for a number of weeks!

In order to make your first Groce Family Farm heirloom tomato salsa, we included

2 Jalapeno Peppers –El Jefe is the variety. I used 2 in a 2 quart bowl of fresh salsa last night, and it was perfect.

1 bunch of Lime and Blue Spice Basil –The lime basil is the better option for the salsa, but you’re probably used to both of these by now, and know what to do with them.

Approximately 4 pounds of ripe Heirloom Tomatoes –In this week’s box, you should have seen at least 2 Cherokee Purple, 1 Brandywine, 1 White Oxheart (it’s ripe when its yellow-white), a Reif Red Heart, and either a Striped German or Yellow Brandywine. We also threw in some little guys -Red Zebra, Jaune Flame, and Japanese Black Trifele. We hope you enjoy exploring these delightful flavorful tomatoes. One word of advice: try to test the tomatoes ripeness by their softness, not by color necessarily. Some of the ripest most delicious heirloom tomatoes will still have green shoulders on them when they are of a perfect eating quality.

A few of this week's stars, from left to right: Jaune Flame, 2 Cherokee Purples, 2 ripening Brandywines, and a Striped German in the background.

In addition to the salsa ingredients, we also included:

2 Cucumbers – 1 miniature white and 1 General lee. We should have much more of these coming in the near future.

A handful of summer squash – Baby and medium size. you’re likely familiar with these varieties by now. We’re in between our 2 patches now, so production may fall off a little bit for another week or so before its back up to extraordinarily high levels again.

1 quart of cherry tomatoes –Sungolds with a few Isis Candy mixed in. The Isis
Candy have much less of that sweet and tart thing going on. They are still sweet, and look gorgeous, but aren’t as flavorful.

1 Small bunch of Carrots –We finished picking our bed of Bolero in order to make room for this fall’s broccoli crop. These Nantes Scarlet didn’t grow quite as long, but they do taste quite nice.

We hope you all enjoyed the box this week. Its hard to believe, but we’ve actually just passed the halfway point. 13 weeks down, 12 to go!


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