The Big Tomato Week

Due to the recent drought (which was given a reprieve last night with the inch + of rain, thank God!) and the excessive crop of horn worms, our tomato harvest may not last as long as we would hope. But fortunately, we were able to continue harvesting a good amount through this week.

This week's box!

I’m going to write a separate post about all of our tomatoes this year, but suffice it to say, we had 5+ pounds of tomatoes this week in the box, and a wonderful variety as well. Aside from these delicious, beautiful tomatoes, here’s what else we included:

5 green/turning red bell peppers: we’ve got a lot of fantastic pepper varieties. Unfortunately, they like to take their time changing colors from green to their eventual red, orange, yellow, browns, and purples. We culled some for you to enjoy green and mostly green. Look for more color in the next couple weeks.

1 Pint of Okra: We included some of our Hill Country Red and Cajun Delight, our 2 varieties. We hope you’re able to find good ways of using these. We plan to post some great okra pickle recipes and other okra recipes as well… just to help out with using the hot/dry summer’s favorite recipe.

1 Pint of Sungold cherry tomatoes: So sweet and so full of delicious,tomatoey, tart full flavor. You know this by now. We’ve put them in our boxes for a few weeks and they are delicious!

3-4 of our cucumbers: More of our Diva, General Lee, and Miniature Whie cucumbers.

2 + Pounds of Summer squash: We included  a couple “baking size” squashes in some people’s boxes this week. If you’d like to make zucchini bread anytime soon, send us an email. We’d be glad to make sure you get an enormous zucchini!


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