It’s all happening so fast

The start of the year has been promising. Last year around this time we were hand-digging our asparagus trenches in land that had never been touched. This year, we’re so encouraged by the first-fruits of over-wintered crops, dry days that allow for tilling, and seeing thousands of our starts move from greenhouse to field. Our greenhouse has been bursting with new, green life since February and everyone is ready for a lot more space. We received our fruit trees in the mail from Adams County Nursery in Pennsylvania (3 pear, 9 peach, and 15 apple) and have begun planting. Between the next year to 5 years we’ll see our first fruits!

We’re down to the homestretch before we slide right into CSA season. We’re looking at a tentative start-date of the first week of May, so, Phoenix Hill Market pickups will start May 3rd, deliveries on the 5th, and the New Albany Market pickups on the 7th. We’ll communicate more information for you regarding any changes or specific pickup times via email.

Radishes, scallions, salad mix, swiss chard, kale, beets, sorrel, spinach, and pac choi will make their appearance in your first few boxes.  Things are lookin’ good! Here are a few photos to show you what we’ve been up to.

blooming redbuds

Our friend Josh came all the way from Florida to help at the farm.


Katherine’s new knife, given to her by our friend Josh. She is very excited.



first shoots!



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