This week, you’ll find more of what you received last week: Kale, Lettuce, Scapes, Radishes, Peas (or Turnips, depending on what you got last week) with two new faces:


Our farm-hand-extraordinaire-by-day and cowboy-by-night (oh, and brother!), Doug, holds up a bunch of chard (L) and sorrel (R).

Sorrel – a lemon-sharp, toothy perennial green that is great both raw or cooked (see our sorrel soup recipe on the Recipes page).

Swiss Chard – the most mild of all those big, leafy Spring greens ( it’s actually in the beet family), Chard’s tender, sweet plant is ideal for braising or tossing into your salad.  You can cut the stalks away from the leaf and include them in your dish by cooking them a bit longer than the leaf.

Since we didn’t go over the uses for turnips last week, I’ll do a brief rundown. The turnip is a versatile vegetable. The bulb’s flavor is bright enough to add a punch to your salad, but can also be roasted, mashed like potatoes, pureed into a savory soup, etc. Whereas the bulb’s main nutritional value is Vitamin C, the greens are rich in vitamins C, A, K as well as folate, calcium, and lutein. They have a pleasant bitterness and spice, similar to mustard greens.


CSAs Week 2


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