Week 6

After a week off from CSA boxes the field has been lookin’ mighty fine with the extra care it received. Lots of mowing, weeding, mulching, planting, and watering has been going on. We had a great dinner made from our produce at the Mayan Market Monday on the 11th of June. The Mayan Cafe (Chef Bruce Ucan and manager extraordinaire, Anne Shadle) has been a faithful supporter of us and other small farmers for many years. They’ve been doing “farm-to-table” long before it became a trend. We’re thankful for all the restaurants that support small farming.  We hope that the farm-to-table movement is just the beginning for real change in how we consume food on a daily basis. We desire for that relationship to not simply be a white-linen occurance, but an every-meal-ritual that becomes woven into the fabric of the lives of our community and, hopefully, accessible to more and more people. Fresh food (from any garden, not just ours) that is prepared (not packaged) and eaten.  It’s a lifestyle change for most of us busy-bodies to slow it down enough to do this. But it really can be as simple as that. Thanks to our CSA members and farmer’s market friends who see the value (economically and otherwise) of that relationship.

Katherine, Luke, Chef Bruce, and Doug at the Mayan Cafe

Now that we’ve been back at it for a couple weeks, here’s an update for your boxes this week:

The first of the year’s potatoes, sungold cherry tomatoes, squash, and garlic. As well as more swiss chard, beets, and radishes. YUMMO.


tomato plants


sungold cherry tomatoes


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