From Our Farm to Your Table

This week we’re featuring the everyday handiwork of some great cooks we know – our CSA members! You don’t have to eat at a fancy restaurant to have a farm-to-table experience (though, if you want to, we would suggest The Mayan CafeProof on Main, or Decca – these guys and gals kill it in the kitchen). Your own fork can bring well-grown produce to your mouth via simple, delicious preparation. Enjoy seeing the many different ways the work of our hands makes it to folks’ bellies.

First, Anne’s Potato Leek soup – an Alton Brown recipe that is delicious on it’s own, but will get dressed up with crumbled bacon, cheesy croutons, and sour cream for her hungry family!


Sally’s roasted rosemary garlic potatoes, hearty salad, and salsa!



Tim and Stephanie’s oven-made beet chips – great for those who have an aversion to eating them whole



Beginning with our farm’s bounty, Tesla made a Parmesan Raviolini with Bruschetta topping and Bison Sloppy Joes (zucchini, tomatoes, garlic, and peppers).


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