Planning season

Every season has its own joys and struggles. Winter has more warm, cozy fireside reading time with our wonderful children. But it also comes with the work of preparing for the season ahead. This involves a lot of books, spreadsheets, and closed eyes, walking through the garden in summer in my own brain.

spreadsheets pic

It should be an exciting year though, with lots more compost and cover cropping, and increased production of some of our’s and our customers favorites. But we also plan to pull back on quantities of some things that we want to be able to provide more quality control over, and just focus our efforts on getting smaller amounts to grow well. Should be a delicious learning experience.

This year we are planning to utilize the whole 4 acre garden plot we’ve rented, while focussing on timing our plantings more precisely. Early this spring we also hope to let our young piglets forage on the parts of it where we intend to plant some of our latest crops. this way they can stomp in some cover crop seeds for us, give us a little fertilizer and biological inoculant, and get out of there before there is too much tempting veg to steal. And don’t worry. Their manure should be laid down 4 months before we harvest anything off of the ground that they are going to be pasturing on.

We’re also getting our tractor souped up and working right. Hopefully it will be more efficient, and able to carry all the compost that we plan on spreading this year, while tilling, cultivating, and doing other odd little chores.



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