Back in Pigness!

We took our last piggies to market about eight weeks ago. (we’ve still got plenty available in our freezers. If interested, download our form: Groce Family Farm Pork Pre-Order Feb-Apr 2015 and instructions: GFF Pork Pre-buy instructions and Info) But just this week, we went out in search of some new piglets, so that we can offer pork again for our second season. We had great luck with our Berkshires last season, so we set out to get those genetics onsite first. We got four pure-bred Berkshires (papers, and all). And we got six who had a Berkshire mama and a Duroc dad. We’ve got em all camping out in our shed, where we keep them out of the weather, quarantine them for a bit, keep a close eye on them, and most importantly train them to respect electric fences. Hopefully in a week or two, we will have them out on their pasture!


A home fit for a pig! Our three sided shed with waterer, wind break and extra bedding, piglet feeder.


The new inhabitants. Aren’t they cute!

Hi. I'm new here. Shall we kiss?

Hi. I’m new here. Shall we kiss?


more yummy cuteness!


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