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The scented box

This week’s CSA’s contain some delightfully pungent items, as you may have already noticed before looking into it if you’re one of our customers.

From left to right: baby carrots, kohl rabi, blue spice basil, hard neck garlic, assorted onions, baby summer squash, and cillantro

After taking a week off, we’ve had a lot of new veggies appear, and we’ve also had a lot of plants like tomatoes and peppers really take off -with hopes that they will produce fruits very soon! If we get good rains over the weekend, there should be some great boxes coming up! Here’s what we delivered this week:

Baby Carrots: Nantes Bolero and Nelson. The first pickings from our 3 orange carrot patches. We hope these patches produce heavily for us for many weeks!

Kohl Rabi: 3 more of the alien head vegetables. Crisp, cabbagey and delicious -raw, stir fried or roasted.

Blue Spice Basil: One handful of the very aromatic fruity, minty herb. Use it in your tea, in your chicken rub or with roasted veggies.

1 Head of hardneck garlic: A delicious milder garlic. We wish we had ten times more of this garlic planted -and we will next year!

1.5 pints of mixed small onoins: We’ve dried all our onions, and we hope that you enjoy the mixture. Alissa Craig (white), Copra (yellow), and Mars (red). There may even be a cippolinni or 2 in there.

Baby Squash: An exciting new addition: We’ve put about 6 squashes in each box. The blossoms are also edible, but don’t store well at all. I’ve heard of them being added into mexican food, or stuffed and tempura fried -when larger and very fresh. The varieties are: Raven zuchinni, Zephyr -yellow with pale green tips, Magda -pale green rounder variety popular in the middle east, and gold rush yellow zuchinni. Enjoy! there should be many many more of these to come; especially if those rains come.

And last but not least, the thing that is filling your nostrils with freshness: Cillantro. A staple in mexico, india, and southeast Asia -great fresh, cooked, or any way.

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