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CSA’s Week 4

Yesterday we delivered our CSA’s to our customers. While we didn’t have eggs this week, due to our chickens recently going on strike for unexplained reasons, we did deliver boxes with the following items.

French Breakfast Radishes: Our customers received these on one of the past two weeks. The crop has continued to come in strong, so we’ve got even more.

Red Russian and Dinosaur Kale: Another returning item, and one of the healthiest out there. The dinosaur kale is the savoyed (blistered) long dark green leaf that has a delicious sweet taste. The Red Russian has a purple-red rib and a really interesting fringed edge. It has a slightly stronger flavor and a thicker stalk.

4 heads of lettuce: Our head lettuce is continuing to grow bountifully. We’ve got some great soft varieties that are still holding up well (mostly because they are partially shaded from the sun by our cedar trees -you may have noticed a couple cedar needles down inside the heads). The 4 varieties are: Pannise: lime green oak leaf -the very soft supple light green variety. Tropicana: green leaf lettuce with the more frilly edges. Skyphos: red butterhead. Buttercrunch -a bibb type lettuce.  -If you’re having trouble keeping your lettuces crisp in the fridge, we recommend washing and shaking dry and storing in a bag. Or even better, washing, taking the leaves off the head, spinning them in a salad spinner, and storing them in the fridge in your salad spinner. this allows them to remain humid, but not wet.

Pac Choi: Returning again is the end of our Black Summer Pac Choi bed (darker green pac choi with the ligher green stalks). We’ve still got some more Joi Choi (white stalks) left in the field. So expect at least one more week of Pac Choi sometime this spring.

Early Dutch Cabbage: A tender early large headed Cabbage. We’ve got a number of other varieties coming. We plan to post some great cabbage recipes, as there are many out there!

Deep Purple Carrots: Our first carrot bed is on, and we’re very proud. We’ve actually beat all of our farmer friends in the earliest carrot competition. These have a delicious strong carrot flavor, and are deep purple (that’s where they get that name) with a white core. I’ve found that they are sweeter closer to the top.

Mint: One or two sprigs of mint from the garden. Delicious in your tea, brownies, juleps, mojitos, or many other applications. We’ll try to keep on providing some sort of herb on a pretty regular basis.

We hope you all enjoy your boxes this week. Thanks again for your support of our farm!

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