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CSA Week 2: May 19th, 2010

The contents of today's box

Our second CSA boxes were delivered today. We brought our customers the following:

Pac Choi: 1 head each of Joi Choi and Black Summer Choi, and 1 bunch of 5 young Red Choi heads. -Making a return from last week, we’ve got 1 new variety, and a higher volume. Plenty of room to experiment with pac choi this week!

Lettuce: 1 baby head each of three varieties: Deer Tongue, Pannise (a lime green oak leaf) and Tropicana (a green leaf variety) – our first head lettuces of the season – picked young to assure no bitterness and great flavor. We’ll have more varieties coming soon!

Kale: 1 bunch of Red Russian -1 of 3 varieties we grow. This one has all the vitamins you need and a stunning appearance. Look for another kale variety next week.

Scallions: 1 bunch of assorted young onions -Can be used in all sorts of dishes!

Radishes: 1 bunch of either Easter Egg or French breakfast (AKA D’Avignon) -These should be a bit milder than last week’s selection, but still crisp and delicious raw, cooked, or pickled. We’ll try to give you the variety you missed next week.

Sage: 1 small bunch. We like it mixed in our fried chicken breading, but there are plenty of possibilities. You can keep any fresh herbs in a vase or glass of water on the counter or in the fridge.

Mustard: 1 bunch of red mustard -its a bit spicy! -at least before its cooked. Great raw or braised. We added some into our Cole slaw last week for a little kick.

Your Red Russian Kale and French Breakfast Radishes -getting ready for their day in your kitchen!

We hope you enjoyed the veggies, and we hope that you’ll post your great recipes and suggestions!

Luke and Katherine

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