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Fall update: november

This week, we’re planting garlic, putting row cover over crops we hope to protect from deer and frost, and picking for restaurants, the farmers market, and our last csa boxes.

We’ve purchased and grown about 50 pounds of seed garlic, and have about 6 pounds left to plant. Hopefully by next July we’ll have about 3500 heads of garlic, with 10 unique varieties represented. We also hope to have 1000 or so stalks of  yummy green garlic in the spring. In june, we’ll have loads of garlic scapes too, so come see us next year for all your seasonally appropriate garlic needs!

This past spring we harvested a lovely bed of spinach and a bed of super sweet carrots that were protected only minimally with thin agricultural fabric all winter. Because of this success, we decided to see if we could multiply the results, and have been planting these two crops everywhere. we’re getting great germination so far, and are hoping to have about 1/8 of an acre covered in fabric. We’ll occasionally pull it back to see how its doing, and we’ll sell kale, spinach, carrots, and maybe even lettuces as we have them at our tuesday market through the winter. The biggest advantage, however, will be the new growth these plants get in the spring with a big head start!

In addition to all this fall planting, we’ve still got loads of picking to do. Our last week of csas are this tuesday and thursday, and we plan to end the year with some very full boxes! If you’re a csa member or a phoenix hill farmers market customer, you’ll probably see most or all of the following this week:

-salad mix
-dinosaur kale
-green peppers
-pac choi
-turnip greens
-and maybe carrots, sweet potatoes, or winter squash…

We’ve also been selling lots of great food to Garage Bar, Proof, and Mayan Cafe recently, so check those places out. At some point this month, you’ll probably be able to find our red fleshed watermelon radishes fresh on a salad, pickled, or roasted at one of those restaurants. -you’ll have to go down there yourself to find out who’s doing  exactly what with them!

Thats our little farm update! We plan to have a busy winter planing, prepping, growing food and growing our family. (Our son is to be born in february!) We will update you on all of the above here!

Luke and Katherine

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