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basil, anyone?

We were sure you all must be running low on basil this week, so – don’t even worry about it – we’ve given you LOADS!

lime basil by the bucket

In your boxes you will find two of my favorite varieties: blue spice and lime basil. Blue spice is sweeter and more intense than your average basil and it finishes a little like licorice.  I’ve found it’s great in everything from tea and desserts to roasting chicken and stirring in your mashed potatoes ( not to mention with fresh peaches). Lime basil is also an excellent addition to your tea, salsas, and other Latin American fare.  Super fresh and citrus in aroma, it will pair well with seafood and fruit, as well as any fresh summer salad. Enjoy! And do let me know what you make with it.

The rest of the contents of this week’s CSA boxes are as follows:

carrots – crisp and sweet! Want to branch off of eating them raw? Try searing them in a hot skillet with very little oil until they just start to get tender (but are still crunchy in the middle) and make it an addition to your tacos!

huevos rancheros

squash and zucchini – several varieties this week: Magda (the fatter, pale green one), Sunburst (cute, yellow, pattipans; courtesy of Adam Barr from Barr Farms), Zephyr (pale yellow with a green tip), Raven (the green zuchinni), and Soleil (the rich, yellow zucchini). Again, Luke and I have been cooking these like the carrots above and making tacos…a little blue spice basil, rice, and adobo sauce – and you’re set.

Savoy and Arrowhead or Red Express cabbage – the Savoy is dark green and with frilly leaves; the Arrowhead and Red Express are aptly named for their shape and color.

red Mars and yellow Copra onions – they may be small, but they are strong.

garlic – Music, a hard neck variety.

Dinosaur and Winterbor kale – everyone should be very familiar with these by now! If you haven’t learned this yet – Kale is an excellent source of beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, and calcium!

Now, here are a few photos we took this week at the farm:

The whole garden in July. Rhubarb, horseradish and squash in the foreground.

Our carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes.

squash flower

soaked, but happy

Zinnias for our sweet niece.

A great week to you all,


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