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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Our spring crops are coming to an end. We’ve already seen the end of our radishes and our first carrot bed, and after this week, we won’t see pac choi, lettuce, or blue berries again -at least until fall. But the exciting news is that new things are growing well. 5 varieties of summer squash are putting out their first little fruits. And we’ve got our first cherry tomato blossoms coming on too! There will be cabbage, salad turnips, beets potatoes, and bulb onions coming soon as well. We’ll be taking next week off, to let these summer crops grow, and to give them the attention they need. But when we come back, expect a lot of new and exciting stuff!

Our CSA customers received the following in their boxes this Wednesday:

1.5 Pints of bluberries: A different variety than last week, but oh so tasty!

3 Kohl Rabi: The weird alien head looking thing in the box. It has a cabbagey flavor with apple crispness. Use the orb/swolen stem in stir fry’s, cole slaw, or cut it into healthy raw chips for dippling. You can also stuff and roast it.

1 Bunch of Scallions: Green onions again! -soon to be over.

2 heads of Pac Choi: The last of our choi bed. We’re sad/glad to see it go!

3-4 heads of mini summer crisp lettuce: The last variety of lettuce to not get really bitter. Its just too hot!

1 Bunch of Red Russian Kale: You’ve probably become pretty familiar with this one by now!

1 Bunch of Cilantro: So fragrant and tasty! Essential in good mexican food, and very useful in Indian and Thai cuisine too. I’m actually going to enjoy a bowl of curry with this cilantro in it in a few minutes! -Be careful. It wilts quickly. Try to put it in in a shallow glass of water and/or in the fridge.

We hope you all have enjoyed the spring veggies!

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